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School City Province Countrysort icon
Surrey Christian School - Secondary Campus Surrey British Columbia Canada
MacNeill Secondary SS Richmond British Columbia Canada
Clayton Heights SS Surrey British Columbia Canada
Scarlett Heights Entrepreneurial Academy Etobicoke Ontario Canada
Corner Brook Regional High Corner Brook Newfoundland Canada
Halifax West HS Halifax Nova Scotia Canada
Lord Dorchester SS Dorchester Ontario Canada
St Joseph's Catholic SS St. Thomas Ontario Canada
Sydenham HS Sydenham Ontario Canada
Regina Public School Division Regina Saskatchewan Canada
Saint Michael Catholic HS Niagara Falls Ontario Canada
Gleneagle Secondary Coquitlam British Columbia Canada
St. Mary's HS Calgary Alberta Canada
Lester B Pearson HS Calgary Alberta Canada
Central Peel SS Burlington Ontario Canada
Henan Experimental HS (NS Int'l Program) Zhengzhou Other (Outside Canada) China
Humei-Bond International HS Longdong, Tianhe District, Guangzhou Other (Outside Canada) China
Beijing New Talent Academy Beijing Other (Outside Canada) China
U-Link College of International Culture Guangzhou Other (Outside Canada) China
Jinan Foreign Language School Jinan Other (Outside Canada) China
Nanchang No. 2 High School Nanchang Other (Outside Canada) China
Wuhan Maple Leaf International School Wuhan Other (Outside Canada) China
Shenzhen College of International Education Shenzhen Other (Outside Canada) China
ULink College Guanghzou Guangzhou Other (Outside Canada) China
Western Academy of Beijing Beijing Other (Outside Canada) China
Xiamen Yingcai School Xiamen Other (Outside Canada) China
Guangdong Country Garden School Foshan Other (Outside Canada) China
Ningxiang Country garden school Ningxiang county, Changsha Other (Outside Canada) China
Maple Leaf International School - Zhenjiang Dagang New District, Zhenjiang Other (Outside Canada) China
The Affiliated International School of Shenzhen University Shenzhen City Other (Outside Canada) China
Tsinghua International School Beijing Other (Outside Canada) China
Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy Shanghai Other (Outside Canada) China
Chengdu Foreign Languages School Xipu, Pixian, Chengdu Other (Outside Canada) China
Shanghai Pinghe School Shanghai Other (Outside Canada) China
Chance College Nanjing Other (Outside Canada) China
Boren Sino-Canadian School Jiangmen City Other (Outside Canada) China
High School Affiliated to Renmin University Beijing Other (Outside Canada) China
high school attached to Shandong Normal University Jinan Other (Outside Canada) China
Jiangsu province Mudu HS Suzhou city Other (Outside Canada) China
Nanjing Foreign Languages School Nanjing Other (Outside Canada) China
Shanghai American School - Pudong Shanghai Other (Outside Canada) China
Confucius International School of Qingdao Qingdao 青岛市 Other (Outside Canada) China
Houde Academy Shenzhen Other (Outside Canada) China
Wilhelm Ostwald Gymnasium Leipzig Other (Outside Canada) Germany
Goetheschule Ilmenau Ilmenau Other (Outside Canada) Germany
Albert-Schweitzer-Gymnasium Erfurt (Spezialschulteil) Erfurt Other (Outside Canada) Germany
Gymnasium Brandis Brandis Other (Outside Canada) Germany
Martin-Andersen-Nexö Gymnasium Dresden Dresden Other (Outside Canada) Germany
Christian Alliance International School Kowloon Other (Outside Canada) Hong Kong
Canadian International School of Hong Kong Aberdeen Other (Outside Canada) Hong Kong
PUI CHING MIDDLE SCHOOL HONG KONG Other (Outside Canada) Hong Kong
Sragen Bilingual Boarding School Sragen Other (Outside Canada) Indonesia
SBBS Sragen Other (Outside Canada) Indonesia
Avicenna Private Academy of Math and Science Tehran Other (Outside Canada) Iran
Rabbani Educational Institude Tehran Other (Outside Canada) Iran
Soodeh Educational Complex Tehran Other (Outside Canada) Iran
Abou ali sina educational complex Tehran Other (Outside Canada) Iran
Peponi SS Ruiru Other (Outside Canada) Kenya
SMJK Keat Hwa 2 Alor Setar Other (Outside Canada) Malaysia
Cempaka International Ladies College Bandar Enstek Other (Outside Canada) Malaysia
SMJK Keat Hwa Alor Setar Other (Outside Canada) Malaysia
PUSAT BIMBINGAN SAW GEORGETOWN Other (Outside Canada) Malaysia
Taylor's College Subang Jaya Other (Outside Canada) Malaysia
SMK Lembah Bidong Setiu Other (Outside Canada) Malaysia
Sunway College Petaling Jaya Other (Outside Canada) Malaysia
Effective International College Tanke Ilorin Alberta Nigeria
Lyallpur Khalsa Collegiate Sr. SS Jalandhar, Punjab 144001, INDIA Other (Outside Canada) Other
Gimnazija Bezigrad Ljubljana 1000 Other (Outside Canada) Other
"Pavlodar kazakh-turkish high-school for gifted girls"Satate organisation Republic of Kazakhstan Pavlodar Other (Outside Canada) Other
American College Arcus Veliko Tarnovo Other (Outside Canada) Other
Ayb High School Yerevan Other (Outside Canada) Other
Transition Lab Prep School Thiruvanathapuram Other (Outside Canada) Other
Riga State Gymnasium No 1 Riga Other (Outside Canada) Other
Angels International College faisaiabad Other (Outside Canada) Other
ACS Cobham International School Cobham Other (Outside Canada) Other
Municipal educational institution "Lyceum №6" Kachkanar Other (Outside Canada) Other
Chyngyz Aitmatov High School Bishkek Other (Outside Canada) Other
Canadian College Italy Lanciano Other (Outside Canada) Other
Taurian world school Ranchi Other (Outside Canada) Other
Kaohsiung American School Kaohsiung Other (Outside Canada) Other
Radnoti Miklos Experimental Grammar School Szeged Other (Outside Canada) Other
"Chyngyz AITMATOV" Bishkek High School Bishkek Other (Outside Canada) Other
Young physics and mathematics specialized High School N#21 Dashoguz Other (Outside Canada) Other
Maadi STEM School for girls Cairo/Maadi Other (Outside Canada) Other
Shanghai Star-River Bilingual School shanghai Other (Outside Canada) Other
IB-Mthiebi Tbilisi Other (Outside Canada) Other
State educational institution in Dushanbe "Lyceum for gifted students" Dushanbe Other (Outside Canada) Other
Université des Montagnes Bangangté Other (Outside Canada) Other
Manila Hankuk Academy Antipolo City Other (Outside Canada) Other
Zaporozhye specialized school with advanced study of a Foreign Language 7 Zaporozhie Other (Outside Canada) Other
The International School of Macao Taipa Other (Outside Canada) Other
Homo educandus agogi Korinthos Other (Outside Canada) Other
Yahya Kemal High Schools Skopje Other (Outside Canada) Other
Yahya Kemal High School-GV Gostivar Other (Outside Canada) Other
Yahya Kemal High School SKOPJE Other (Outside Canada) Other
Global Vision Christian School Wonnam-myeon, Eumseong, Chungcheongbuk-do Other (Outside Canada) Other
SILK ROAD INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL Bishkek Other (Outside Canada) Other