Summary of Competition Regulations and Procedures for Competition Coordinators

The following is a summary of the Instructions for Competition Coordinators. By registering your students, you acknowledge that you have read this summary and agree to follow the outlined procedures.

General Information
All participating students in your school must write the exam as one group. The exam must begin sometime between 1:00 p.m. and 3:00 p.m. (Eastern time) on the exam date and must be exactly 75 minutes in length (with no breaks during the exam); the exact start time is not important.  Students who finish the exam early can leave only after 50 minutes have passed since the exam started.

No aids are permitted during the exam (i.e.., no calculators, dictionaries, books, etc.).
After the exam, Response Forms must be couriered (at your school’s expense) to the Competition Office and must be received no later than the Wednesday of the week following the exam date. Question papers must be collected after the exam and returned to students only after the Wednesday of the week following the exam date.
Receiving Exam Materials/Security
You should receive the exam materials for your school one week prior to the day of the exam. The inside package that contains the question papers must not be opened until the day of the exam. It is essential that no one reads the exam questions at any time prior to when the exam officially begins. The package with the question papers must be stored in a secure area (e.g., a locked filing cabinet) to which only you and other authorized persons have access. Once the exams have been completed, they should also be returned to locked storage. Any breach of exam security must be reported to the Competition Office at once.
Proctoring the Exam
It is assumed that in almost all cases the Competition Coordinator will be the person proctoring the exam. If this is not possible, you should select a responsible adult who is a member of the staff of your school.
If students will be writing the exam in more than one room, then a proctor is required for each room. An assistant should also be available to accompany students to the washroom during the exam.
You should schedule more than 75 minutes to complete the entire exam administration. Allow extra time (at least 15 minutes) to seat students, to distribute papers, to read instructions, and for students to complete the student information section of the Response Form.
Your role in establishing optimal test conditions is of the utmost importance. Students should be randomly assigned to seats within the exam room and should all face the same direction, with at least 1.5 metres between students.
Administering the Exam
The exam scores of all students can be comparable only if the exams are administered in a uniform manner with uniform instructions. No student should experience an advantage or disadvantage of any kind. It is your responsibility to ensure that exam security measures are taken to assure that all students are given the same opportunity to demonstrate their abilities and to prevent some students from gaining an unfair advantage over others because of testing irregularities or improper conduct. A breach of security at your school might result in the invalidation of exam scores for individual students or for the entire school. The Competition Office reserves the right to cancel any exam score if a student engages in misconduct, if there is an irregularity in the administration of the exam, or if the Competition Office believes there is reason to question a score’s validity.
The GENERAL EXAM INSTRUCTIONS that you will receive must be read to all students verbatim. Doing so will ensure that students in all participating schools receive the same information.
During the exam, frequently walk among the aisles to guard against any misconduct. At the same time you can check that students are completing the Response Form correctly. Do not supply students with any additional information. Do not explain answers.
The Competition Office will not refund the registration fee for students who fail to write the exam.
After the Exam
Before you return the exam materials to the Competition Office please
(1) check that each student has correctly completed the student information section of the Response Form, (2) check that there are no stray marks on the Response Forms and that erasure marks are clearly erased (do not erase multiple responses); and (3) photocopy the Response Forms.
You will receive the results for your school by the end of May. When the results have been received please inform participants of their score and rank in the competition, distribute certificates to the top scorers, and distribute cash awards to students in your school that scored in the top 1% of participants.