Anita Dunn

Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School
Mini Bio: 
Anita, 19, who tied for sixth in the '97 OBC, attended Mary Ward Catholic Secondary School in Scarborough, where she won most of the school's contests and awards and averaged 99.0% in her OACs, the second highest OAC average in the Metropolitan Toronto Separate School Board (Paul Szmitko had the highest average). Anita is glad to have participated in her school's individualized program which encourages students to learn at their own pace. According to Anita, the "time-management, self-discipline, and self-motivation" skills that she acquired are helping her at university. Anita received $9,000 in scholarships from the University of Toronto, including a U of T Scholar award valued at $3,000. Anita hopes to go to medical school after graduating from either the physiology or human biology specialist programs. Anita, who enjoys playing the piano, surfing the net, swimming, and rollerblading, tied for third in 1995 in the Medical Research Council of Canada's medical illustration contest.