Caroline Li

Martingrove Collegiate
Mini Bio: 
During U of T's orientation week, Caroline went canoeing and kayaking for the very first time; first-year students at Trinity College have been attending a weekend orientation camp for over 25 years. Caroline, 19, a graduate of Martingrove Collegiate in Etobicoke, finished in second place in the '96 competition. What did Caroline like best about her favourite teacher?: "She expected her students to be prepared and to understand material, not merely to memorize it." Caroline's accomplishments include a National Book Award from U of T and placing as a co-winner in York University's Chemistry Hall of Fame Contest. The talented artist, who works with oil pastels and watercolours and has also won awards for art achievement, enjoys visiting art galleries and museums and plays the cello and piano. In addition to her university studies, Caroline works part-time at the Royal Ontario Museum's Earth Sciences Department and at the Richview Central Library. Caroline, who would eventually like to become a paediatrician, is intrigued with several of the human biology programmes, particularly immunology and pharmacology/toxicology.