Derek Jackson

White Oaks Secondary School
Mini Bio: 
Derek, who graduated first in his class at White Oaks Secondary School (Oakville, ON) and obtained 100% in OAC Calculus, is a recipient of a U of T Scholar Award and a National Biology Competition Scholarship. Memorable moment's from life on campus include Innis College's Open-Mic Night and meeting Dr. Eric Lander, founder and director of the Whitehead Institute for Genomic Research at MIT, at a public lecture held at U of T. Derek, 18, who is a great admirer of Dr. Lander's accomplishments, enthusiasm, and sense of humour, presented Dr. Lander with a copy of a video he made in OAC Biology about DNA and evolution, which included Dr. Lander stating "50% of our genes are in a banana. How different are you from a banana?!" Derek plans to major in biochemistry, genetics, or molecular biology, with aspirations to pursue a doctoral degree and become a university professor, following in the footsteps of his grandfather (who was a professor of education at OISE/UT). In his spare time Derek likes to surf the Net, listen to the Beatles, and play N64 with friends in residence. When asked how he finds U of T Derek replies, "Turn left at the CN Tower!"