Doreen Chung

Vaughan Secondary School
Mini Bio: 
A memorable moment from Doreen's life at U of T so far was a "4 a.m. fire alarm, because someone lit a fire in a fake fireplace!" Doreen, 17, a recipient of the Reuben Wells Leonard Scholarship from University College, is a graduate of Vaughan Secondary School in Thornhill. She fondly remembers her favourite high school teacher as someone "who cared about each of his students like a father, yet went around with a squirt bottle and soaked anyone who wasn't listening or was late!" Doreen tied for fifth in OBC ‘96 and has also won awards for cross-country, chemistry, and writing, including 16th place in the 1996 Chem 13 News Contest. She is presently working part-time on the U of T campus as an assistant audio-visual technician. One of Doreen's courses at Uof T is a 20-student seminar course in French cinema., which is one of over 60 small-group seminar courses available only to first-year students. Doreen has aspirations to be a medical doctor or a university professor – "someone who can make a contribution to society." Doreen's advice to high school students: "Make sure you pursue many interests and have lots of fun... when you get to university, you'll hardly have any free time!"